well well. apparently i get bored of my site every 3ish years. so i redesign it. i start out getting super excited about coming up with the design and what it should look like. then once i actually start working on it i hate it. why don’t i ever learn? this one took up a good portion of my past two weekends. once you get the basic design down, it’s 90% tedious stuff. an hour here trying to figure out why something isn’t working…an hour there redoing some css formatting. and every time i redo my website i change the backend. first was movable type, then pixel post, then wordpress, now koken.

ha!  i just copy and pasted what i wrote the last time i changed my site.  jokes  hopefully this will get me to take some more pictures.  i'm going to do a total reset, so i'll be going through old pictures and picking the best of the best.  and adding new stuff along the way.